Tai Chi Master Wayne Peng

Master PengMaster Peng is the twelfth generation successor of the Zhaobao Tai Chi lineage.  Due to his love of Chinese traditional culture and kung fu, Master Peng studied under the Master Yun-hua Song, the eleventh generation of the Chinese Wu Dang Zhao Bao Tai Chi lineage.  For more than thirty years since childhood, Master Peng has perfected his art with hard work and dedication.  His movements are smooth and graceful that can only be attained through a deep understanding of the essence of Zhao Bao Tai Chi.  Tai Chi movements are based on the principals of “center, balance, and curvature,” and are focused on “relaxation, serenity, and fluidity.”  Master Peng’s movements can be slow or quick, and explicit or subtle.  Master Peng demonstrates his mastery through pushhands, free-style fighting, throws, and various kinds of lock movements.

In addition, Master Peng is proficient in Tai Chi Qi Gong and accomplished in the fields of the Taoist and Confucius philosophies.  He has a profound understanding of the meaning and practical usage of Wu Xing and Ba Gua in Tai Chi principles.

 In recent years, Master Peng has dedicated himself to the spread of knowledge and education in Tai Chi.  His scientific teaching method is based on the “4-step movement dissection” and “3 point body positioning.”  Such methods have shown excellent results among students.  Master Peng has been repeatedly featured on the covers of and his writing has been presented in professional Chinese Kung Fu Magazines such as “Wu Dang”, and “Tai Chi.”  Master Peng is also listed in the “Who’s Who of Contemporary Chinese Kung Fu Masters”; “The Charisma of World-famous Martial Arts Virtuoso” and “China Sports Yearbook”.  As well, he has been presented the award of “Contemporary Chinese Kung Fu Master Award” to commemorate his contribution to the Tai Chi Kung Fu field and he wins gold medal of “The Charisma of World-famous Martial Arts Virtuoso”.  In addition, Master Peng has been invited by “Chinese International Wushu Cultural Development and Research Center” and “Contemporary Chinese Wushu Encyclopedia Editorial Committee” respectively to be the Member of Overseas Research Committee and the Principal Technical Consultant.

Currently, Master Peng is the Chairman of USA Tai Chi Culture Association; Director/professor of Five Branches University Tai Chi Qi Gong & Self-Defense Research Center; Head Coach of USA Tai Chi Kung Fu Club; Principal of USA Tai Chi Kungfu Academy; Head Coach of International I Quan Dao Association and the Consultant of International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.  His students are located everywhere in the world and are in every profession such as professors, military personnels, police officers, students, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, dancers, actors, and especially computer engineers are the most.  The results of his teaching are what attracted such diverse group of people to study under him.


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